Our wines

Our cellar works for two different kinds of customers. One of these is the Horeca, international short form of the words “Hotel, restaurant, café” but in this category are also included wine shops and the newest “wine bar”. In this chain of customers there are high quality wines, which show Primitivo di Manduria in all his aspects, from the 17% Rubinum to the dolce naturale Nektare.

The GDO, instead, is the “Big organized distribution” (Coop, Esselunga), that is dominating the market as a promoter of the good quality wine, rewarding mostly companies, like our, with a strong spirit of territory. In this chain of customers Soloperto’s Cellar prefer to offer a more simple and frank wine, because the pleasure to drink a good glass of wine should not be restricted to big occasions, but, exactly, an everyday pleasure.

In our cellar there is a sales point/ an outlet where we’ll have the pleasure to host you, and where you’ll can taste our wines and make a guided tour in one of the historical cellar of the Primitivo. We’re waiting for you!